Troop 335 will support fundraisers that meet the Council guidelines and are organized by the Scouts.

Each year Scouts, an adult Fundraiser Chairperson will organize the opportunity for Scouts to sell popcorn and/or wreaths. Fundraisers are optional and Scouts are encouraged to participate, but they are not required.

Scout/Selling Tips:
Unless told otherwise, all profits from the fundraisers will go directly back to the Scout account to assit the individual Scout with Scout activites and camping expenses.
The earlier you get out, the more sales you'll make! Go out early and often!
All [opcorn and wreath customers should pay using checks that are written to "Troop 335" and payments should be separated between popcorn and wreaths.
Please let the adult Fundraiser Chairperson know if you have any questions (big or small)!

• SEPTEMBER: Popcorn and wreath forms are available around early September, and Scouts may start selling immediately!
• OCTOBER: Order forms for popcorn will be due back no later than around mid-October.
• NOVEMBER: Popcorn pick-up will be mid-November from the Fundraier Chairperson's home during designated hours, and should be delivered immediately to the customers by the Scouts. Wreath pick-up will be prior to Thanksgiving from the church's parking lot during designated hours, and should be delivered immediately to the customers by the Scouts.
• NOVEMBER: Payments (checks written to "Troop 335" should be collected when the orders are placed if possible, but due upon delivery at the latest. All checks must be given from the Scout to the Fundraiser Chairperson by Thanskgiving.

Scouts, please watch your email from the Fundraiser Chairperson and attend the Troop meetings for more detailed information and forms!


We will be selling popcorn using the vendor sponsored by our local Council: Pathway to Adventure.

How much do Scouts earn? Roughly 33% of the popcorn cost is given to the popcorn maker, 33% of the cost supports the Council activities and camps, and 33% will go to your Scouting account for Scouting campouts and activities.Due to the higher profit margins, all additional Council "prizes" will be camp prize option rather than the gifts (which typically is an additional 15% to be used at BSA camps within one year of the sale)


We will be distributing wreaths from Northwoods Wreaths.

Northwoods Wreaths provides priced or non-priced worksheets for the boys to fill out.
Wreath orders are placed online at the Northwoods website:, brochures can be ordered/downloaded here as well.
Orders are picked up at Didier Farms in Buffalo Grove on designated Saturday in November
Troop 335 Treasurer will provide blank check to be completed at pickup; by paying with check, there is usually a "cash discount" applied; not sure if this will carry over every year
Lots of help needed at All Saints parking lot on delivery day.

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