Owasippe Scout Reservation

Time Remaining:


The Troop will start attending Owasippe Scout Reservation Camp, one of the licensed Boy Scout Summer Camps, for at least one one-week session each summer. Summer camp is a great opportunity for the Scout to earn Merit Badges, bond with their Troop, develop responsibility away from home, and to have a lot of fun in the outdoors. Scouts can participate in many activities such as archery, boating, rifle shooting, swimming, cooking, and much more! Camp is usually held the third week of July.


To sign-up, you need to turn-in the following:

1. Permission Slip

2. List of Merit Badges Many merit badges require advance sign up Some have additional fees, so bring cash to settle on the spot "Board of Fame" visual scorekeeper to provide motivation helpful Adults complete on-line entry and try to match up scouts whenever possible

3. Money:

4. Medical forms Only Medical Form A, B & C accepted (must be signed by the doctor after August of the previous year)
A, B, and C for all scouts and parents staying overnight
Due to troop 2-3 weeks in advance of departure

Prepare before Departure

Before departure, you must:

1. Pack Clothes

2. Pack Medications
Must be in original prescription container
Include OTC medications (e.g. Clariton)
Put everything in Zip-Loc bag, and include detailed instructions in writing regarding dosage, special conditions, etc.
We will keep in cooler, with ice added every day; cooler in trailer or auto for safe keeping
Owasippe requires a daily log be maintained in accordance with state law; they will cover this at check-in

3. Bring Spending Money
Most scouts bring between $25 - $150. Many don't spend everything they bring, balance returned to parents.
Trading post has popsicles, hot-pockets, candy and other edibles which make for a nice supplement to the 3-square routine. They also have knives, (Totin'-chip and adult co-signer required),
At a minimum, there are certain merit badges that require a fee to be paid at Owasippe; easiest to use cash for this, but keep ScoutMasters informed...
We usually stop at McDonalds (or equivalent) on the way up; $10 typical needed for this meal
Sometimes stop on the way home; similar to above
ScoutMasters will keep a bank at site; all scout money turned over at Hunting Ridge before departure
It is strongly recommended that you declare and post regular banking hours (e.g. 1/2 hour period before troop leaves camp for each meal); bank usually kep in ScoutMaster tent, or locked in trailer

4. Wear Swim suit on ride up
No opportunity to change before swim test at arrival
Scouts wear swim suit on ride up and store anything they will need in backpack (duffel bags locked in trailer until camp set up Friday night)

While at Camp

"Pathway to Eagle" section of camp will encourage scouts to complete rank advancement, IN ADDITION TO, merit badge requirements
Program schedule developed in advance
Daily activities (specific requirements through First Class) usually run from 4:00-5:30 when nothing else going on, before dinner

Staff reception on Wednesday Night
Mention to camp director day before (don't bring up in large group; one-on-one best)
Once confirmed, encourage scouts to invite their favorite counselors
4-5 gallons chocolate milk, 1 gallon white
Fresh fruit (examples: grapes, whole melon sliced, strawberries)
Best to shop day-of, and purchase Styrofoam coolers, or bring extras
Scouts lead/perform all preparation/cleanup efforts
Be prepared to host from 9pm-11pm that night. Occurs after 9pm on Wednesday typically, after all staff activities complete
Scouts to collect firewood and keep fire going through event; safety precautions emphasized

Adult Participation

We need many adult leadrs to attend and pull both the large and small trailer.
Major adult leader roles (share the load)
Check-in / check-out
Medical forms, medications, daily log, administer meds
Merit badges

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