Scoutmaster Minute: Will You Lead?

Although there are many defintions available, my definition of leadership is: "To Inspire Others to Achieve a Goal."

To break my defintion down a bit further:

Goal. You must have vision or an objective in mind. What do you want to accomplish?

Achieve. You must have a plan, resources and understanding of the tasks in order to complete something. Did you create a plan? Did you communicate the tasks?

Others. A large goal or task is easier to complete with the help of others. By leveraging the ideas of others and utilizing their skills, tasks are easier to complete and the outcome is usually much better. Did you partner with others?

Inspire. When you share your passion and excitement with others, the energy will grow exponentially. Are you enthusuastic? Do you try to engage others in joining you in a noble cause?

A leader doesn't need to be a certain age nor certain role in a organization chart. A leader can be anyone. n the short video below, can you identify who is the leader? And how does the leader inspire others to complete a goal?

Yours in Scouting,
Mr. Cooper