Scoutmaster Minute: The Knot

If your Scout rank is between Second Class and Life, take a look at your badge of rank. What do all those badges have in common?

<img src="images/secondclass.jpg"class="marg"><img src="images/firstclass.jpg"class="marg"><img src="images/star.jpg"class="marg"><img src="images/life.jpg"class="marg">

They all have the "Be Prepared" scroll with a knot dangling from it.

Do you know what the knot is supposed to remind us of? It's a reminder to do a Good Turn every day. If the knot could talk, it would tell us of billions of Good Turns stretching back over 100 years. Are you adding a chapter to that story each day?

Our Troop often does big Good Turns at the Avon Walk, Eagle Projects, and Women's Dinner. But does that mean that you can forget about Good Turns the rest of the time? Of course not. As Scouts you have pledged to do a Good Turn daily.

Obviously that doesn't mean you have to spend several hours on some major project. But it does mean that at home, in school, and when you're with friends you will go out of your way to do a simple kindness - take out the garbage without being asked, help a buddy with his homework, or run an errand for your mother without grumbling.

Those little Good Turns make life more pleasant for other people. They also add another link in that long string of Good Turns going back to Scoutings beginnings.

Yours in Scouting,
Mr. Cooper